Security Institutions of Future and Strategic Transformation After Covid-19; New Paradigms


Dynamics of Change and Regulation Governance | Institutional Infrastructure


National Institutional Power Ecosystems and Mapping


New Security Technologies, Ethics and Law


New Media, Data Ecosystem and Security


Military and Institutional Governance of the Future After Covid-19

Land | Sea | Air | Space


Future Homeland Security Governance and Coordination After Covid-19

Civil Administration | Law Enforcement | Local Governments


Future Police and Institutional Governance


Future Smart Cities and Security Governance


Future Gendarmerie and Institutional Governance


Future Intelligence and Institutional Governance

Domestic Intelligence | Foreign Intelligence


Future Diplomacy and Institutional Governance

Public Diplomacy | Sectoral Diplomacy | Cultural Diplomacy


Future Socio-economic Institutions and Security Governance

Sociological Capabilities and Focusing | Economic Security Governance and Coordination


New Areas for Multidimensional Security Governance

Cyber Culture |Hidden Hunger |Technology Management